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B.C. companies continue to develop and adopt agritech to create new products and farming processes that will help farmers mitigate the impacts of climate change and boost the province’s food security and food economy.  

The governments of Canada and B.C. are supporting 10 new projects with more than $1 million through the Canada-British Columbia Agri-Innovation Program to help fight climate change, address labour shortages, increase profitability and increase adoption of regenerative agriculture practices. The program is administered by the Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC.

Quick Facts:

The Canada-British Columbia Agri-Innovation Program aims to advance innovation, competitiveness, sustainability, productivity and resiliency within the agricultural sector in B.C.
The program defines agricultural innovation as products, practices, processes or technologies that are new to British Columbia and that will enhance the competitiveness, sustainability, productivity or resiliency of the sector.

Full Press Release available here