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Commercial chicken and turkey to remain indoors

On September 14, 2022, the Chief Veterinarian issued General Order AIV2022-08. This Order requires chicken and turey operations who hold quota to keep their birds indoors. 

All regulated commercial chicken and turkey operations that hold quota must maintain indoor operations until this General Order is rescinded. To be exempt from this Order an operation must provide a written submission to their marketing board or commission, as outlined in the Order.

This does not limit the sales, transportation or slaughter of Poultry, or the disposal of Poultry carcasses.

Resources for the Agricultural Community

To contact the BC Animal Health Centre, call 1-800-661-9903 or email PAHB@gov.bc.ca

Ministry of Agriculture  and Food information on avian influenza, including what to watch for and information on testing: Link to website

CFIA information on the current state of avian influenza in Canada: Link to website

Deputy chief veterinarian order: Link to order

To learn more, visit Avian Influenza (AI) article on gov.bc.ca