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The Minister’s Order, effective July 21, 2021, bans the sale and use in B.C. of second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides (SGARs) that contain brodifacoum, bromadiolone or difethialone as the active ingredient. The Minister’s Order will be in place for 18 months while ministry staff undertake a science review to better understand the risks of SGARs to wildlife and determine mitigation methods. Recommendations based on the outcome of the science review will be used to inform future policy options. Exemptions to the ban are being provided for “essential services” and agricultural operators.
Essential services have been identified to avoid disruption to critical safety and food supply functions in the province and were based on the COVID-19 essential services provincial list. Essential services include businesses and services for public health and safety, critical infrastructure, food supply, transportation, sanitation, communications and information technology and mortuary related services. Please visit www.gov.bc.ca/RodentIPM for the complete list of essential services identified in the order. Other uses of SGARs not identified as essential are banned. For example, SGARs cannot be used in or around most residential buildings, office buildings, parks, schools or non-food retail shops.
In addition to imposing a temporary ban on the use of SGARs, ministry staff are taking action to address risks associated with the use of rodenticides, including:
Conducting compliance inspections of vendors and users to ensure the products are only being used by certified operators for essential services, and that an integrated pest management approach is being utilized prior to pesticide use;
Raising awareness with rodenticide users on the impacts of misusing rodenticides with an emphasis that prevention is the best long-term strategy;
Coordinating with Indigenous Peoples, local government, and provincial and national wildlife experts;
Developing education materials for the public and agricultural operators to better manage rodents as part of an integrated pest management program; and
Updating materials used by individuals intending to become certified to apply or sell rodenticides.
Details of the ban, including a recorded presentation, are available at www.gov.bc.ca/RodentIPM. A  series of webinars will also be offered between August 3 to August 10 on the Minister’s Order which are tailored for specific audiences. Please visit www.gov.bc.ca/RodentIPM for registration instructions.
If you have any questions about the Minister’s Order temporarily banning the sale and use of SGARs, please direct them to BC.IPM@gov.bc.ca.