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The Community Economic Recovery Infrastructure Program


The Community Economic Recovery Infrastructure Program opened, run through Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, provides fully-funded provincial grants to support economic resilience, tourism, heritage, and urban and rural economic development projects in communities impacted by COVID-19. 

Eligible applicants can receive a one-time, 100% funded provincial grant to support four key streams:

1 - Community Economic Resilience for short-term and small scale infrastructure projects for initial job creation in the construction industry and Job creation that supports other areas of the community impacted by COVID-19, like local retail and services. 
2 - Destination Development (includes agri-tourism) 
3 - Unique Heritage Infrastructure 

4 - Rural Economic Recovery is focused on helping rural Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities accelerate their recovery from COVID-19 through community-led projects, including building necessary infrastructure to support local industries, diversify and attract new investment; Supporting the retention and expansion of existing local businesses; and Identifying local or regional economic recovery needs and required responses

Eligible applicants include:
- local government
- Indigenous band council, development corp, not-for-profit
- not-for-profit organization

For more Information on the program please visit the Government of BC website.

If you have questions on the program, please contact  the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.