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Please be aware that the Township of Spallumcheen staff have been hand-delivering notices to Spallumcheen residents in marked Township of Spallumcheen vehicles for the brushing program.  Delivery took place on Saturday, February 3, 2024. Township staff are required to provide hand delivery as directed by Council under the Brushing Policy . This work is provided during the winter time after the snow has melted and prior to the migratory bird nesting period.

Why the Township provides Roadside Brushing

Maintaining the safety of the Township’s roads, by controlling potential hazards such as brush and tree limb growth along shoulder areas within rights of ways, is a priority. The Township maintains 400 lane kilometers of road. The portion of the road cleared of vegetation is referred to as the clear zone. The recommended clear zone limit for paved roads, without curbs should be at least 3 meters from the edge of the travelled way. For unpaved roads the limit is at least 1.8 meters from the edge of the travelled way. Clear zones may be extended beyond the minimums, where necessary, at intersections, sharp curves, areas of steep side slopes and other areas identified by engineering evaluation.

The reasons for roadside brushing are as follows:

• Wider shoulders give motorists more space to escape potential traffic crashes
• Improves sight distances and creates openness for driving ease
• Furnishes space for snow removal and storage
• Provides an area allowing for proper road drainage
• Reduces ice due to shading, resulting in less winter maintenance
• Reduces vehicle and wild life collisions

Township crews clear roadside growth by the following methods:

• Mechanical brushing
• Hand brushing
• Roadside mowing

Mechanical brushing is the most efficient and cost effective method of removing roadside brush. It is on average four to five times faster than hand brushing. Even though mechanical brushing is not as aesthetically pleasing as hand brushing, the aesthetics do improve in a short period of time once the new foliage and leaves come back on the brush. Whenever possible, the intent is to brush back far enough so as to not have to maintain for at least five years. The annual roadside mowing maintains the weeds and smaller brush. Hand brushing is performed when restrictions, due to clearance or environmental impact are in place.