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Farming Roundtable Advanced Planning Information Session

Monday, August 23, 2021 at 10:00 am

Township of Spallumcheen Council Chambers 

The Township of Spallumcheen Emergency Operations Centre is hosting an information session for farm producers in Spallumcheen. This meeting will be held electronically and in person at the Township municipal hall 4144 Spallumcheen Way.

We will be discussing future evacuation procedures and a proposed multi-day access permit for farms in the event of a evacuation order. This is your opportunity to provide information on how the Township can work with you during the permit process to ensure essential needs are addressed. We will use this information to refine our temporary access permitting process with BC Wildfire Service.

The Proposed Process for Multi-day Access Permits:

  1. A complete application is submitted, including (if applicable);
  • Complete list of owners, equipment and essential employees with safety waivers;
  • Safety waivers must be signed by every person (found on the Township's Website);
  • Contractor's must submit a separate application.
  1.  Application Review: Approval by the Township when applicable;
  2. Application Review: Approval by the BC Wildfire Service when applicable;
  3. Multi-day access permit may be issued by the Township or the BC Wildfire Service;
  • Entry to the evacuation order zone may be revoked based on the wildfire condition.

Electronic Meeting Log In Information:

Meeting ID: 1424529380

Join from PC, Mac, iOS or Android: https://meetings.businessconnect.telus.com/j/1424529380

Or iPhone one-tap :
              1 855 959 9009 Toll free
Or Telephone:
           1 855 959 9009 Toll Free