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The Township of Spallumcheen is encouraging residents travelling on gravel roads to use caution. “We are experiencing extremely slick conditions on our gravel roads from the combination of compacted snow and overnight rain,” advises Manger of Operations Tyler McNeill.

Crews will continue to work around the clock to deal with these conditions however there is a large area to cover. While crews expect to have most gravel roads dealt with by the end of day today (Wednesday, December 28, 2022) residents traveling on gravel roads should use caution. With more snow and rain in the forecast crews will continue to work on keeping roads safe for travel.

Residents can call into the office (250-546-3013) to help identify extreme situations and the calls will be routed to Public Works crew helping them to identify problem areas and prioritize routes.

Road Conditions on Hullcar show the surface to be very icy and slick.

Road conditions after being treated by grader. Crews are also using sand and gravel to help combat the ice.