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Greater Vernon Water has scheduled a large infrastructure project to start in September 2022. The project will increase the size of the spillway at Headgates Dam which is required to protect our water supply infrastructure, the environment and downstream properties. The Duteau Creek water intake is located in the Headgates Dam and the reservoir behind the dam must be lowered during the construction period scheduled for September 2022 to January 2023. The amount of water Greater Vernon Water can access from the Duteau Creek water supply will be temporarily reduced as only a smaller pipe bypassing the reservoir can be used.

Due to the limitation of water supply during the Headgates Dam Spillway Project, Greater Vernon Water will not be permitting Agricultural Late Turn Offs for the fall of 2022 for agricultural properties supplied by the Duteau Creek potable and non-potable water systems.

All agricultural water services will be scheduled for regular turn off beginning Thursday, September 15, 2022. Irrigation turn off is estimated to take approximately 5 days.

For full details, please contact the Regional District of North Okanagan at 250-550-3700 or visit their website at www.rdno.ca