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As summer approaches, the risk of  extreme heat and wildfires increases. Interior Health has many resources available to help you navigate these risks.

Extreme Heat:

Interior Health Extreme Heat Resources

Be Prepared for Extreme Heat and Drought Resources

BC Provincial Alert and Response System

Health Checks During Extreme Heat Events - A guide for doing in-person or remote health checks

Wildfire, Smoke and Air Quality


Interior Health Wildfire Resources

Wildfire Smoke Response Planning

Wildfire Smoke Information

Health Effects of Wildfire Smoke

Air Quality Index 

Air Quality Advisories

Air Shelters During Wildfires - what is it?


If there is extreme heat during an air quality advisory, prioritize cooling down. Heat is typically more dangerous than short term exposure to poor air quality.

Fans may make you feel more comfortable, however, they do not lower body temperature when outdoor and/or indoor temperature are over  35C.

Be mindful or your neighbours or friends and family who may be socially isolated, living alone, or generally at a higher risk of extreme heat effects.