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The River Forecast Centre is issuing a High Streamflow Advisory for:

  • Okanagan including Mission Creek and tributaries east of Vernon, Kelowna, Penticton and surrounding areas

Environment and Climate Change Canada has issued a Severe Thunderstorm Watch for Central Okanagan (including Kelowna), North Okanagan (Including Vernon) and South Okanagan (including Penticton) today. Flow conditions in Okanagan creeks remain relatively high due to the combination of delayed snowmelt and recent heavy rain over the past few weeks. Creeks are at risk for sudden rises and potential flooding if heavy rain occurs within a watershed. The magnitude and location of rainfall associated with thunderstorms is difficult to predict precisely in advance.

The public is advised to stay clear of the fast-flowing rivers and potentially unstable riverbanks during the high-streamflow period. Be prepared and know your hazards.

The River Forecast Centre continues to monitor the conditions and will provide updates as conditions warrant.

  • A High Streamflow Advisory means that river levels are rising or expected to rise rapidly, but that no major flooding is expected.  Minor flooding in low-lying areas is possible.
  • A Flood Watch means that river levels are rising and will approach or may exceed bankfull.  Flooding of areas adjacent to affected rivers may occur.
  • A Flood Warning means that river levels have exceeded bankfull or will exceed bankfull imminently, and that flooding of areas adjacent to the rivers affected will result. 

BC River Forecast Centre
Ministry of Forests