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The Local Government Partnership Program (LGPP) provides funding to help regional districts and municipalities develop, update and implement agricultural planning tools. This program funds the development and implementation of agricultural area plans in British Columbia.

Program Overview

The Local Government Partnership Program is designed to:

Support the development of shared visions for agriculture in BC communities; and,
Encourage the integration of agricultural priorities into local government planning and decision making.
The desired outcome of the LGPP is for local governments to support the growth and economic viability of agriculture when making decisions about land-use planning and by-laws or regulations.

This program is a reprise of the Local Government Agricultural Planning Program, previously funded through IAF. Key changes in this new program include:

An increased focus on the implementation of agricultural area plans, including financial support for carrying out eligible activities in approved plans;

Evaluation criteria that will prioritize projects with a greater opportunity for success; and,

Increased requirements for the applicant to demonstrate that there is sufficient support in place to effectively carry out the project and post-project activities.

The program will provide up to $40,000 per recipient in non-repayable, cost-shared funding. Applicant organizations must contribute at least 50% of the funding for their project. Approved projects must be completed by December 31, 2022.

Please visit the Local Government Partnership Program website for more information.