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For 32 years, British Columbians have taken October to honour the caregivers in British Columbia that have dedicated themselves to some of this province’s most vulnerable children and youth.

October is about celebrating and honouring caregivers and foster families that have stepped up to help children and youth who are experiencing hardship. The role foster families play in the lives of young people and the contribution they make to their communities is vital to helping children and youth reach their full potential. The impact that they have on the young people in their care will last a lifetime, from stepping up to become a mentor, advocate, and friend, to providing a nurturing and safe home, and responding to each unique situation with love and support.

Council encourages you to celebrate foster families, not only this month, but throughout the year, for the selfless work they do for the children and youth in our community.

Please visit the  provincial website for additional information regarding foster families, including information related to becoming one.