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Open air burning of Non-compostable vegetation is PERMITTED in the Township of Spallumcheen from November 1 each year to April 30 of the following year unless a fire ban has been issued by the Fire Chief.
Please note open burning is explicitly PROHIBITED in the Residential R1 and R5 Zones(Residential Single Family & Residential Manufactured Home Community). 
-R1 Zone includes McLeod Subdivision and Udy Subdivision. 
-R5 Zone includes all mobile home parks within the Township.

If you are unsure what your property is zoned, please contact the Township office at 250-546-3013 prior to burning. You may also consult the Township's zoning map to determine your property's zone.

It is the responsibility of each person within the Township of Spallumcheen to review, understand and adhere to the Township of Spallumcheen Fire Prevention Bylaw, as amended from time to time,   prior to any open burning.  Failure to comply with the rules and regulations regarding open burning, may result in fines. Should the fire department respond to a fire call at your property and you are found to be in contravention of the Township of Spallumcheen Fire Prevention Bylaw, you may be responsible for the costs associated to the fire call.

This summary is provided for ease of reference only - please ensure you are familiar will all the regulations.