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Based on the recommendation of BC Wildfire, on Thursday, August 12, 2021 at 10:30 hrs the Township of Spallumcheen has issued an Evacuation Alert. Please see detailed information regarding Evacuation Alert area below:
• Round lake Rd
• Grandview Flats Rd (south side)
• Grandview Flats Rd North
• Grandview Flats Rd South
• Page Rd
• Miller Rd
• Evans Rd
• Corkscrew Rd
• Otter Lake Rd south of Grandview Flats Rd (1401 Otter Lake Rd and lower)
• St Anne’s Rd
• Larkin Cross Rd
• Clinton Rd
• Pine Ridge Rd
• Pine Ridge Pl
• Larkin Pl
• Otterlake Cross Rd (the west side, south of 705)
• 1239 Thomas Hays Rd
• 9221 to 9728 Highway 97
• Golfview Place
• Northwind Drive
• Mendenhall Rd
• Overlook Pl
• Stepping Stones Rd
• Stepping Stones Cres
• 8400 Old Kamloops Rd
• L&A Cross Rd

An Evacuation Alert means that this is the time to get prepared to leave your home on short notice. Get your grab-and-go bags ready (which should include several days of clothing, toiletries and medications), your emergency plan, copies of important documents and important mementos. You DO NOT need to evacuate at this time. Wait for an Evacuation order to be issued before you leave the area.

Resources for preparing a grab-and-go back and preparing to evacuate in an emergency can be found on the Township of Spallumcheen website.
Updates will be issued as they become available. Please note the next scheduled update will be at 19:00 hrs Thursday, August 12, 2021.