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Eagle Rock Local Area Service Boil Water Advisory – Remains in Effect – Water Restriction Level 1 in place

The Township of Spallumcheen notified residents on July 27, 2023 that upon the advice of Interior Health and in an abundance of caution, the Eagle Rock water system was on a boil water advisory.

On August 3, 2023, the Eagle Rock system was moved to Stage 2 water restrictions to allow the reservoir to be drained and extensive cleaning to be completed. Unfortunately, the water quality testing showed that the reservoir cleaning has not had the desired impacts and Interior Health has indicated that testing still indicates a boil water advisory should remain in effect. The Township continues to work with Interior Health and industry professionals to resolve the water quality issues as quickly as possible and is working to implement a solution which would allow us to remove the boil water advisory:

  1. Increased Water Testing: We have initiated a comprehensive water testing schedule, submitting samples for analysis twice a week. This rigorous testing protocol will enable us to closely monitor the quality of the water and ensure that it meets all safety standards.
  2. Daily System Flushing: Our team is conducting daily system flushing procedures to help improve the overall water quality and eliminate any potential contaminants from the distribution system.
  3. Restricted Access: In order to maintain the integrity of the water supply, we have taken the necessary step of removing all outside users from the system. This will help prevent any potential sources of contamination and ensure that the water supply is solely dedicated to the local area.
  4. Collaboration with Engineers: We are actively collaborating with a team of experienced engineers on an ongoing basis. Their expertise is invaluable in identifying the root causes of the issue and developing effective solutions to ensure the long-term safety and reliability of our water system.
  5. Chlorination and Systematic Flushing: As part of our continued efforts, we are planning to introduce chlorination to the system next week. This step is aimed at further disinfecting the water supply and eradicating any lingering contaminants. In addition, we will be implementing a systematic flushing procedure to cleanse the distribution system thoroughly.

Thank you to the residents and businesses impacted by this boil water advisory for your patience.

Full Press Release available here