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BC Wildfire has a 3,000 ha planned ignition scheduled for later this week. Please note that you will likely see significant smoke when this planned ignition begins. With the significant smoke in the atmosphere, air quality may be a concern. We ask you to monitor air quality in the North Okanagan and plan your activities accordingly. Air Quality updates are available at the Environment Canada website. The Township will continue to do our best to update you on information about any planned ignitions as the information becomes available.

BC Wildfire has indicated White Rock Lake fire is consuming deep burning fuels which are persistent throughout the east flank of the fire. Deep burning fuels make it extremely difficult to bring a fire to full extinguishment. As such they have advised that the planned ignitions are the most favourable tactic to gain control while also maintaining an appropriate safety margin for firefighters.

As part of the preparation work for this planned ignition, BC Wildfire in conjunction with our Armstrong Spallumcheen Fire Department have been placing large blue containers in strategic locations of Spallumcheen. Each container holds 21,000 gallons of water and will be used by structural protection crews should it be necessary. This is a precautionary measure only. There are currently no indicators that the fire is set to enter Spallumcheen’s borders. You may see increased fire truck activity on the road today as they work with BC Wildfire structure protection crews to identify and place these containers in the best locations.

Current Evacuation Alert area 

Full press release  can be viewed here. 

Next scheduled press release from the Township of Spallumcheen will be at 16:00hrs, Saturday August 28