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The Horseshoe Lake Wildfire K41194 is still being contained.  Crews from the local fire department and BC Wildfire remain on scene throughout the day continuing to work on the fire guard and action hot spots as they occur.  The Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) remains active.

As you know the terrain has been a challenge throughout firefighting efforts and the supports the Township has received by BC Wildfire and surrounding departments has been huge in our ability to get the fire contained.  Crews on site have been truly exceptional working long hours in difficult terrain and undertaking extreme physical labour in the heat.

As of yesterday the trails on Mount Rose Swanson have been reopened to the public.  The Township asks that those using the trails remain diligent.  Conditions are very dry and hot and everyone is reminded to use caution and if you see any fire activity call it in to BC Wildfire 1-800-663-5555 or (*5555 from a cell phone).  

The next scheduled update will be 10:00 am on Tuesday, July 11, 2023.  If anything changes the Township will update our website at www.spallumcheentwp.bc.ca.

Full Press Release available here