Residents connected to the Larkin Local Area Service north of Hales Rd along Otter Lake Cross Rd up to and including all residents on Poplar Drive are advised of a planned water shutoff scheduled for Tuesday, April 9, 2022 from 8:00 am to approximately 12:00 pm. The interruption is for repair to a water leak in the system.

Residents are recommended to:

  • shut off hot and cold faucets and any equipment that requires water,
  • store sufficient drinking water for the anticipated period of interruption,
  • isolate the supply to hot water tank,
  • fill a bathtub or other large container with water to use for toilet flushing.

After completion of the repair, the system will be flushed, and it is recommended affected customers run a cold water tap until the water runs clear.

**Please note that there will be traffic control in place at 1479 Otter Lake Cross Road with alternating single lane traffic and we would kindly ask that you adhere to all personnel and signage in place. Please see map attached defining area impacted.