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Recent events in BC have had impacts on transit routes and some supply chain interruptions have occurred however our local stores and farmers are working hard to ensure that shelves remain stocked and there is enough to go around. Until things return to normal, you may find some product in short supply or a favourite brand may not be available. Hopefully, this can be an opportunity to discover something new; a new brand or product. If the past two years has taught us anything about ourselves it is that we are resilient and stronger when we work together. 

For those looking for local alternate sources for food and provisions, the Armstrong Spallumcheen Chamber of Commerce has a listing of local retailers and farm sales establishments on their website. In addition, for those on Facebook, a thread has been started in the Armstrong Community Information Group highlighting where you can buy supplies farm to table. 

While we navigate the challenging times, our thoughts go out to those directly impacted by the flooding.